December/2020 1v1 EPIC Tournament with Mirrored Maps

I’ve just conceded against @plug. I was comprehensively outplayed, nothing more to say about it…
Good Luck @plug. Hopefully you’ll have a good run in this one.

Congrats @plug on the win - @Karmadrome is a very strong player as I have battle scars from him.

First post is updated - you’ll play the winner of @DarkDragonwing and @Dr_Gaming

Thanks for the congrats - but it was much closer than @Karmadrome says. These games can hinge on a defensive victory by literally 1 ship, and I had a few of those at the start. It was a privilege to pit my wits against such a solid player.

I’m looking forward to taking on one of you @DarkDragonwing and @Dr_Gaming

Happy New Year to everyone - hopefully your Space Marines aren’t too hung over and ready to battle! :wink:

@exOrbitant - it looks like you have missed two turns … so @Zatoc has further increasing his lead over 'ya … are you still playing … or ready to concede?

I’m ready for whoever makes it out of that game! I’ve joined the game and made my initial moves. Can’t wait! :smiley:

The map looks like it will be pure chaos in the middle. With so many stars very close together and nowhere else to go, I’m sure there will be casualties aplenty.

Pinging the players from the December tournament to consider signing up for the new 1v1 Legendary Level League here :wink:

@HULK - @Trucriot - @TheLastHero - @Karmadrome - @kinghuang - @Zatoc - @panblanco - @SimonMiaou - @Keeves - @DarkDragonwing - @Roedhip - @BelSon - @Cryptious - @Birel - @exOrbitant - @Kaine - @Solfyre - @GluteusMaximusII - @Macomber - @DarkLord123 - @Dysp - @Dr_Gaming - @rubensan - @plug - @HOUSEBOAT_THANGS - @Tristanvds - @gaz123

Unless my 64 player game goes very poorly very quickly I’ve got both my slots filled right now so afraid I can’t make it.

That’s unfortunate, maybe next edition then! :slight_smile: Keep in mind the deadline is only January 7, so if a game slot opens up unexpectedly (which I don’t wish for you of course) feel free to still hop on until then.

Unfortunately I got crushed in my game against @Trucriot He out expanded me early, and just ground me down with some clever attacks. Well played, was a fun game, good luck for the rest of the tournament. I learnt some valuable lessons about the early expansion, look forward to putting them into practice in the next one.

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Crushed isn’t the word I’d use to describe an intense game over 258 ticks :wink: Kept me on edge for most of it with some surprise tactical moves - looking forward to seeing more from @Cryptious in future 1v1s! Thanks for the great pace as well, our whole game only took roughly a week to finish because of very regular submits and re-submits.

Sounds like some well-contested games going on - I hope everyone is having fun.
@kinghuang fought tough and we went 342 ticks before I was finally able to HULK SMASH him! :wink:

I’ve updated the first post with the latest results … and the only round #3 ready to start is @panblanco versus the Jolly Green Giant - sent you a PM if you are ready for some SMASHING! :wink:

Great game, @HULK! I thought I had a good start. But, it quickly went downhill once I learned the meaning of the hulk smash! I’ll be ready, next time! :smiley:

I managed to out-expand Zatoc in the middle and made some quick gains which led to an early victor. Thanks for the game @Zatoc! On to the next. :slight_smile: Time for @GluteusMaximusII ! Looks like there is a map for us. Shall we get it going?

Congrats @Solfyre (and @Dysp) for advancing to round #3.
Yes, please join your games (@plug also) per the first post or at @Dysp’s EXCELLENT Tournament Tracker.

@panblanco and I are several cycles into our game. I made a lucky HULK SMASH against him and was feeling pretty good about the game … but then he did an awesome SMASH THE HULK Warp Gate move that has really tipped the scales. While I’m ahead in Star Count, that is misleading as he has me on the ropes.

This would be a really good time for the HULK to get REALLY REALLY ANGRY to have any chance of winning this one! :wink:

Thanks for the nudge @HULK - I’m safely joined and will await an opponent.

Oh hey, congrats man! Sorry, I wasn’t expecting that one to wrap so fast. I’ll try to get on this later today.

Nice! Here’s the link if it helps.

Sorry, got smoked with IRL stuff. Gonna get that first move in as soon as I can. Really appreciate the patience.

I’m in. This map’s gonna have some really interesting strategic choices to make.

Have fun @Solfyre and @GluteusMaximusII … I actually generate a lot more maps than you actually see, because I try to make sure it’s really “good”, especially in the later rounds of the tournament. An FYI to all that if you don’t think you map is “good”, let me know (before you start play) and we can discuss generating a new one for 'ya. A reminder to @Trucriot to please join your game against @Dysp

I can relate @GluteusMaximusII about getting “smoked with IRL stuff” … as that is happening to me the last week and for at least a couple more days. To make matter worse, @panblanco is smoking me in our game. I’ve been making some desperate moves which have had minimal effect due to his expert play … and LOL I just spent my Economy cash one turn early … so this might be a sign it’s time for me to concede - D’OH! :wink: