Flying Swiss 1v1 Tournament [FS 06/2022]

I won against @gaz123 , I had a large ship advantage and I pushed on all sides, gaz defended well but at the end I had too much ships to be stopped

Nice wins!

Good to see you’re back. The new LLL sign-up phase has just opened, might be a good alternative:

I just won against @Jewish_Star_Empire after a total of 300 ticks. The map was laid out with two central areas and two flanks consisting of a single line of stars, and I managed to secure the entire left-hand side of the map, with an economic and science lead. From there, it was a slow build until I finally steam-rolled my way to victory.


Credit to you for the elongated match. Congrats on the win.

Grats to the winners. The deadline for Round 2 - July 23 - is nearing.

As discussed earlier, we will try something new to make the points assessment for inconclusive games more fair. I have taken notes of the current stats and wait times for all games still running.

The games will be evaluated on the standings as per the following ticks (42 into the future, i.e. 7 turns):
@Solfyre vs @plug: Tick 144
@Lex vs @Dr_Gaming: Tick 198
@OneBlue vs @olus2000: Tick 132
@Bio-M6 vs @AllSkillNoPants: Tick 114

Make sure to reach that tick by July 23 by submitting regularly. Post in the forum when you do (best with a screenshot of the standings).

Cool! I like this, in theory. We’ll see how it feels. Now we can truly plan for the end game scenario.

Was a tough and enjoyable game @BattleBorn You had me on the ropes more than once. Looking forward to our next matchup

Well played, again, that was probably the shortest game I’ve ever played. Very quick and well-planned capitalisation of the advantage!

Thanks for the game :slight_smile:

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Cool! @Trucriot I am curious if you can provide a bit of information on judging criteria. Is it just Stars, or are Industry/Econ/Science/Ships considerations as well? Is it leading in the majority of above 5 statistics perhaps?


Sure. All publicly available stats get considered, but stars have the biggest weight on the score.

@AllSkillNoPants llSkillNoPants came out victorious in our match. Largely due to a head start after a few AFK cycles in the beginning.


I have just won my match against @Dr_Gaming .

Thanks for the great games! It was weird having two going with you at the same time :slight_smile:

You’re welcome, and yea it’s a funny bit of matchmaking. Though sorry for not being able to put out turns regularly. Had a busy period and kind of got burned out by the game for a while.

Our game just hit the 144th tick…

Thanks. Seems like it was quite a dynamic map after all :wink:

Here are the remaining Round 2 results - based on a modified assessment methodology:

Solfyre and olus2000 submitted significantly faster on average. They were given points on top of the relative in-game advantages shown in the brackets above because the tick goal was not reached.

I’ll try to post next round’s match-ups and map links as soon as possible.

Swiss Table after Round 2
# Spieler Won BH₂ BH₁ Pkt
1 Solfyre 2 4.00 2.00 8
2 Lex 2 4.00 2.00 8
3 Kaine 2 4.00 2.00 8
4 Nat20 2 5.00 1.50 8
5 BelSon 2 3.50 2.25 7
6 tenerezu 1 4.50 1.75 5
7 plug 1 4.00 2.00 4
8 Dr_Gaming 1 4.00 2.00 4
9 Satirael 1 4.00 2.00 4
10 sarcophagus 1 3.00 2.50 4
11 Kwhwwymwn 1 4.00 2.00 4
12 olus2000 1 4.00 2.00 4
13 AllSkillNoPants 1 4.00 2.00 4
14 Jewish_Star_Empire 1 4.50 1.75 4
15 June 0 5.00 1.50 2
16 Prole_Matt 0 3.00 2.50 2
17 BattleBorn 0 3.50 2.25 0
18 gaz123 0 4.00 2.00 0
19 OneBlue 0 4.00 2.00 0
20 Bio-M6 0 4.00 2.00 0

Here are the table-based match-ups for Round 3 (countries and latest Top28 World Ranks in brackets).

  1. @Solfyre [US-1] vs. @Lex [CA-5]
  2. @BelSon [AU-11] vs. @Kaine [AQ-13]
  3. @Nat20 [16] vs. @tenerezu [MX]
  4. @plug [GB-3] vs. @Dr_Gaming [RS-8]
  5. @Satirael [DK-18] vs. @sarcophagus [26]
  6. @Kwhwwymwn [FR] vs. @olus2000
  7. @AllSkillNoPants [CA] vs. @June
  8. @Jewish_Star_Empire [IL] vs. @Prole_Matt [NZ]
  9. @BattleBorn [US] vs. @gaz123
  10. @OneBlue [AM] vs. @Bio-M6 [BE]

Use the according map link I provided for your game in @Dysp’s tournament tracking tool - press the hyperlink symbol to the right of the names:

Password is 287 - please join your game with your forum name by July 27, otherwise it will be forfeited and your opponent automatically wins. Also be mindful to try and submit at least twice per day so we can get as many clear results by August 6 as possible. The next round will start after that day. If an inconclusive game did not reach 196 (28*7) ticks, the wait times will be part of the point assessment.

Good luck and have fun everyone! When your game is finished, please post about it in this thread.

A worthy win for @Solfyre in this one - a superbly judged attack at just the right moment caught me fractionally short and led to the victory. Nicely done.

Is the Tournament match link down? Not working for me right now at least…

Reminder for @June, @Jewish_Star_Empire, @Prole_Matt and @gaz123 to join your game within a day, else it will be forfeited.

@Lex and I got off to a torrid pace, ripping through 126 ticks in just 5 days. That’s about 4 submits a day, nicely done!

I managed to snag the required stars even though Lex was keeping up or ahead in most other categories other than total stars. I pushed hard to try and secure a win, not wanting to let his advantages grow. Whew, what a rush!