Flying Swiss 1v1 Tournament [FS 10/2021]

I just won my game against @iippabella
It was a fun game and I think I found the good tactics for 1v1

Grats to the winners!

Quick reminder to both @Dr_Gaming and @DarkDragonwing to keep the submits coming as yours is the last open game of this round and at only 54 Ticks so far.

@Dr_Gaming conceded in our match and I claimed victory in a tough battle, where he used the random warp gates early in the game to surprise me and took an early lead. He was on a straight way to capture the 60% for a long period of the game, but luckily I managed to take back some stars he captured and was able to stay in the game. But TBH, I almost threw in my towel…

In the end, I was lucky to take some of @Dr_Gaming’s strategic key stars and to block his final attacks, which allowed me to pull over the game. But this battle was close!

I really enjoyed the game and I have the feeling that your next opponent will have a hard time! Hope to face you again soon! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Congrats! Just in time before the deadline. According to my rating system, this was to be the closest match, and it looks like you guys indeed made it a banger.

Time for the 3rd round then! As per the Swiss rules, here are the next match-ups (in brackets the countries and updated Top28 World Ranks):

  1. @iippabella vs. @SUP
  2. @Gabrio [MC] vs. @puffin [AU]
  3. @Kwhwwymwn [FR] vs. @HabitableFiction [US]
  4. @Kaine vs. @gaz123
  5. @Dr_Gaming [RS-10] vs. @Sneferu [GB-22]
  6. @Vernitrax [PL-13] vs. @Macomber [CA-18]
  7. @plug [GB-5] vs. @DarkDragonwing [DE-7]
  8. @FinrodFelagund [DE-4] vs. @kinghuang [CA-16]

Use the according link I provided for your game number in the tournament tracking tool powered by @Dysp - press the hyperlink symbol to the right:

Password is 1vs1 - make sure to join your game within 72 hours - otherwise it will be automatically forfeited. Also be mindful to try and submit at least twice per day so we can get as many clear results by December 7 (adjusted for earlier Round 1 finish) as possible.

If you finish your game, please post about it in this thread to make it easier for me.

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Was definitely a close one, fun as well. Feels like I would’ve done better if I reeled in the aggression after a certain point and built up with my star lead. When I was close to getting enough stars for a win I felt like I had to make some attacks and get enough stars but most of them failed and I only got set back further. Either way it was an exciting match.

Also I just joined my next match and it turns out random warp gates can spawn on your starting stars, didn’t know that before.

Finished by game against @Sneferu just earlier. Can’t say any grand strategies were employed, though I was a tick away from taking his home star when the game ended. Map was kind of interesting though, the home stars were off to one side of the map but several stars leading to the opposite side had random warp gates meaning travel was quick in either direction. In the end getting hyper 2 a bit earlier and taking all the far off stars on one side while contesting the other ended the game before any large attacks into enemy territory were made.

Grats for the win and the fast game both!

Reminder to @SUP, @puffin and @HabitableFiction to join your games by tomorrow. Otherwise they will be forfeited and counted as victories for the other player - who would surely rather play the game :wink:

Thanks to @Vernitrax for the fun game and good banter - I took the victory after Vernitrax conceded. A couple of his assaults failed to take ground and I was counterattacking successfully as well as building up an increasing lead in infrastructure and ships.

He cited running into the issue of building early warp gates, and then falling behind economically which I can certainly relate to. In this round, I went for a more slow building, terraforming-focused approach and it worked out.

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Maybe terraforming always is the right way then? :smiley:

Also thanks for the game, I might have took one or ten risks too much than is necessary, or healthy, I will be more careful in the future games :smiley:

GG WP :smiley:

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Haha, well I think risk-taking is a great element of the game, so well done for giving it a shot.

I don’t know if terraforming is always the right choice… I remember playing @HULK once and he went for range off the start to expand more rapidly. But you can’t go wrong with terraforming.

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Heck 'ya Terra is good to have - the reduction in cost from Level 1 to 2 is significant, especially with the initial stash of cash. But Hyper is good for expansion … so it’s a toss-up.

That’s the nice thing about the 1v1 parameters - there are different ways to win.

And ditto @Vernitrax what @Macomber about you gotta take some risks (plus this makes the game more fun) … so when you hit the SUBMIT button, you’ll either say “OH YEAH!” or “OH SH*T!” :wink:

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I won against @HabitableFiction
I took a good lead with an early hyperspace range that allowed me to use the stars in the back to buy cheaper eco and science, and to take advantage of a warpgate on the front line