January/2019 1v1 EPIC Tournament with Mirrored Maps: Turn-Based

First, Happy New Year to all NP’s … hopefully your sector will be full of high resources stars and the Experimentation Dice Gods will treat you well in 2019.

We’ve had some fun playing turn-based 1v1 tournaments using EPIC mirrored maps - link.
Ready for another one with some more mano-manu carnage?!? :wink:

Same setup as before with the following mods from default params:
Weapons start at Level3 and are LOCKED (whoever gets W4 first has a too-big-of advantage)
Experimentation is LOCKED at Level1 and Manufacturing is Expensive to Research
EPIC (64 stars/player) Galaxy with Far Distances
HomeStar is 20/20/4 rather than 5/5/1
Starting Cash is $2000 (don’t spend it all at once, but lots of carriers to expand is recommended)
You start with ONE star that has 50 ships
The Map is MIRRORED … so you each have IDENTICAL starting positions.
Real-time games favor those who are willing to forgo sleep, so the play is turn-based SIX ticks/turn.

Since this is an EPIC map, it will take a while to play out … please do NOT sign up if you can’t commit to AT LEAST a move/day … ideally a couple/day to keep things moving along. Note that you are allowed 48 hours to submit which is to take care of the (hopefully very rare) situation where something comes up in RL and you can’t submit in a day. Since it is 1v1, there is no diplomacy (except razzing your opponent!) and with turn-based, if you are the 2nd person to submit (and advance the turn), then please try to make your subsequent moves and hit that SUBMIT button! :wink:

Hopefully we can keep things moving along so people aren’t delayed, but (assuming players start at about the same time), lets try to keep it to one month for any game/round but if everyone else finishes, then you have a week (and at least 2 cycles) to finish. Winner decided by most stars with tiebreaker being most ships. Stalling to win by time is lame (in NP and any sport), so please don’t abuse the time limits. Most of the tournament games finished in 2 weeks, so hopefully we can move along at a similar pace. I just don’t want people to have to wait around too long and lose interest.

If “something” comes up, the Tournament Director (that would be the Jolly Green Giant aka the Rule-Miester!) will attempt to make the fairest decision that benefits the most people. Sorry for all the fine-print legalese!

Please reply here if you’d like to join in on the carnage (and can commit to keep the games moving along) and I’ll setup the tournament!

It’s a round-robin with @DarkDragonwing, @HULK, @Karmadrome, and @kexsel :
@DarkDragonwing vs @HULK - game link - HULK WIN
@Karmadrome vs @kexsel - game link - Karmadrome WIN

@DarkDragonwing vs @Karmadrome - game link - Karmadrome WIN
@HULK vs @kexsel - game link - HULK WIN

@DarkDragonwing vs @kexsel - game link - kexsel WIN
@HULK vs @Karmadrome - game link - HULK WIN

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I would consider it Hulk but I’m on a break. My wife died nov 11 and. I’m seeking guardianship of our grandson. I’ll b back guys. Now just isn’t the time.

Wooooo @Brand, that’s some serious sh*t. Sorry about your loss and hope all goes well with your grandson.

So sorry to hear that @Brand. Take care.

@HULK I’m at a loose end, so I’ll be up for this tourney.

@Brand , sorry for your loss. Take care of your family & health.

I’m down to try my hand at another 1v1, it’s been a while!

Really sorry for your loss, @Brand

@HULK Like I mentioned, I‘m in this time! Hopefully we have some nice carnage :wink:

@Brand , sorry for your loss… My thoughts are with you!

So should we do the tournament with a foursome: @HULK - @Karmadrome - @kexsel - @DarkDragonwing

And if so, would you guys be up for doing a round-robin … i.e. everyone plays each other.

And then if no clear winner (based on win-loss record), there will be a playoff for the champion.

Sounds like a plan!

Sounds good :ok_hand:

Shame there’s not more players, but I’m fine to proceed with a round robin.

Agreed would be nice to have more players … but 4 is a good number to have a round-robin.
I’ll setup the game soon and send you guys the links.

Looking forward to some carnage!

OK - games are setup. I forgot to mention in the first post that we should do 6-tick jumps (instead of the default of 8) … since both @Karmadrome and I felt that resulted in better game play - hope this is OK with everyone. I think the galaxies below look decent for 1v1 … but if you want me to generate another one, I can do that. Will send password via PM.

Since it is a round-robin, the order doesn’t really matter … so I just did it alphabetic - here’s round #1:
@DarkDragonwing vs @HULK - game link
@Karmadrome vs @kexsel - game link

FYI that I have to discard a number of galaxy setup because they are too “holey” … as I think having stars reasonable close in the middle and on both sides leads to more decisions, carnage, and better game play. Open for suggestions and happy to regenerate galaxies to insure that everyone is happy with the starting map. Reminder that the galaxies are MIRRORED … so identical starting positions.

The setup is slightly different when I’m playing - other galaxies I have created for “Hulk” games are:

Neptune's Pride (example of BIG hole in the middle - would be something “different” to play, but am guessing would not do well)

For “non-Hulk” games (I have to enable tournament mode), a couple are here:

These are a bit more “holey” in the middle … but I think (?) might be decent.

Joined! In-game name name is Mach5

Great … and LOL that when I went back to update the first post, I actually did say it was SIX ticks/jump.

Reminder to take your time plotting our your first move - lots of carriers are good, but don’t spend all your cash at once.

Good luck … except when you are playing the Jolly Green Giant! :wink:

I’m in

Good to see everyone has signed on and game play has begun.

Remember that there is only TWO of you playing. So if you see your opponent has submitted, make your moves and hit that SUBMIT button … and then (assuming you have time), make your next set of moves and hit the SUBMIT button again … so it’s ready for your opponent to do the same. The game can move along quite fast. Do login periodically in case your opponent is waiting because you forget to hit SUBMIT! :wink:

Having said that, the idea with turn-based games is you should NOT be getting up in the middle of the night to check the galaxy. And I set it up with 48 hours to submit in case something come up in RL … but hopefully you’ll rarely need use that much time.