Neptune's Pride   Bugs

Quirky Triton leaderboard (3)
Waypoints after pressing "loading" (1)
Compatibility Problems (10)
Bug - Orc Chariot flavor text has placeholder text present (7)
Wrong Number of Stars for Board Size (1)
AI cheats (15)
Cancel/readmit player that quits (18)
Order of research and battles (5)
Trading takes very long to process (3)
Turn submission during end-game (9)
That, could be a problem (8)
Bug - captured star, no event in log, did not destroy (and loot) economy (3)
Abandonment instantly visible? (1)
End of game win and ranking bug? (9)
Possible Bug or Misunderstanding? (16)
Events duplicated? (5)
Weapons share amongst enemies in simultaneous battle (5)
Turn Based Cheating (5)
Small AI optimization possible (2)
UI can't handle a million ships (2)
Warpgate glow changes color on presence of allied fleet (3)
Can't see the whole map (4)
AI carriers should not exceed Hyperspace Range (4)
Tech sharing bug (2)
Position of variable inserts in messages (9)
AI Bug? (4)
Possible AI bug? (5)
Event ordering in turn based games (3)
No Free Infrastructure (12)
Allied star drop ships bug/exploit (4)