Neptune's Pride   Bugs

Fleets with looping orders are tiny on the map (4)
Proteus espionage report gives a nonsensical message if there's nothing to steal (1)
Message links for renamed stars (2)
I think the descriptions of range and scanning tech in Proteus are incorrect (3)
I can edit carrier actions at a star in a turn based game even after submitting my turn (4)
Help text for clicking on player icons is wrong (3)
Third player leaked into 2 player conversation (5)
The AI Cheats! (6)
Incorrect Distance visuals (5)
Social Media Login, can't reset password (8)
Bug with NP on Android Chrome (5)
Proteus Bug involving research strengths and weaknesses (1)
Proteus Badge Glitch (2)
Wrong icons? (3)
Battle Error? (7)
AI build bug? (6)
Game is very slow in Firefox 53 (9)
AI Colonisation Bug (4)
Tiny Galaxy, close start are incompatible (3)
Events should be correctly ordered (4)
Two homestars (2)
Boo-Boo in game setup (9)
Long URL's in game chat don't wrap (6)
Turn Event Sequence (5)
Slow game ETA error (2)
Allied Ships in Transit Together - Ship Count Unreadable (1)
Range bug spotted in the wild (7)
All of the carriers and routes are invisible ( 2 ) (24)
Leaderboard Order (4)
Error in combat (3)