Neptune's Pride   Feature Requests

Category definition for Triton - Features (1)
Enable alt-click on star name to insert owner's name in messages (12)
Delayed start after all players join (1)
Include Real Word Time with ETAs (10)
Delay AI tech trading (more realistic) (7)
Start games paused (1)
Countdown to Next tick (1)
Tick information for every diplomacy communication (6)
Report button ingame (5)
2 axis mirror maps (4)
What to do when you start a new game with a cheater? (14)
Start game @ time ( 2 ) (22)
Keep Current cycle information after game completes (4)
Natural resources should be permanently visible once you've scanned a star (4)
Suggestion: Show hours to turn deadline in addition to absolute time (3)
Build warp Gate as carrier action (8)
Please fix experimentation in games with locked techs ( 2 ) (29)
Ruler Improvements [+bugs] (2)
Inverted garrison order (7)
Calculator Improvements (3)
Map zooming weirdness (5)
Timer for next auto tick for turn based games (3)
Super stars (2)
Add per tick values to intel charts for ships/credits/research (2)
Show AI players as green/ready in turn based games (3)
Scrap/retire carriers in Proteus (4)
Warning when trading with a player in Proteus who can't scan you back (2)
Inline waypoint editing (1)
Notifications when someone gives you renown (6)
I don't think we really need the "show action/eta" toggle on the carrier screen (2)